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33783618Secrets: In Wolf Lake           

Secret Series Book 1

DK Davis

Genre: YA, sci-fi, fantasy

Samantha discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake; now his life depends on her saving him.

Samantha’s dealing with a lot of emotional blow-back from her mother’s new marriage. Then she discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake, and life suddenly becomes all about keeping his existence a secret, earning his trust. That is until his life depends on her saving him. But she won’t be able to do it alone…

A series of secrets, invisible yet glaring, and most include a Supernatural spin, like an unwelcomed sensation sparking every nerve ending. 

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“This freakin’ rocks!” Lisa zipped by again, spraying diamonds of water all over me. I gripped hard on the rod and stood up to keep the fishing line from snagging onher or the jet-ski. The boat pitched, dipping. I shuffled to regain my balance then turned to give Lisa a piece of my mind. In that nano-secondthe fishing line snapped. I spun around and tumbled nose first over the top of Koko. My rod splashedinto the water in front of me as if I’d thrown it.

Instant coldness prickled through me, but I didn’t want to lose that fishing pole. I dove a little deeper, waiting for the water to settle. The sun illuminated beneath the surface and made it easy to see the rod leaning against a big rock right below me. I swam toward it.

A curl of water slid along my arm as something swam near me. I expected the lunker fish, the big guythat snappedthe fishing line, butinstead, I stared at two round black eyes. I couldn’t look away from its flat green face, the size of a baseball, with small slits for nostrils and a wider slash for its mouth.Shorttubular ears stuck out from each side of its head.Not any kind of fish or amphibian I’d ever seen.

It stared back at me andmoved closer.

When it touched my arm, I screamed.A stream of bubbles flushed out of my mouth, blinding my vision. I pushed off from the huge rock with my feet andfought my way to the surface.

Air, I needed air.

Koko’s paws churned through the water just above me. His nails scratched across my cheek as I surfaced.

“Koko, get back, buddy,” I croaked, sucking in air,and then I nudged him to move back.But I didn’t want him too far away. My mind flashed to the thing beneath the water, greenish body, short arms and legs, and a long lizard-like tail. But those black eyes…the way it stared at me, almost like it had intelligence.



DK Davis writes YA sci-fi, supernatural, and fantasy with a good dollop of all the relationships woven in between. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DKDavisBooks

FB – https://www.facebook.com/dk.davis.92

Website – http://suda788.wixsite.com/dkdavis

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