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(apologies to Christopher Nolan)

MSNBC - Election Coverage - Season 2016

“Well, it is what it is. People go into this eyes wide-open,” Rachel Maddow said during MSNBC’s Election Night coverage. “If you vote for somebody who can’t win for president, it means that you don’t care who wins for president.”

I agree 100% with Rachel Maddow’s assessment.  The part she and other ‘liberal’ and ‘left wing’ commentators leaves out is why. All the talking heads- Trevor Noah, Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly- no one addressed the lack of viable Third-Party candidates.  Yeah, Fox News is a Republican bedwhore- we all know that.  What was surprising was the lack of commentary and critique from the Daily Show, etc.  John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight was the only one who examined the issue; the rest simply hitched their wagons to Hillary, which was expected but to not even touch upon the issue first was disappointing.

If you’re a conspiracy theorist, you could well argue that these two goofballs are plants to force voters back to the Big Two.  And what can you even say against that logic, especially when Democrats are still angry over Al Gore’s loss in Florida back in 2000, blaming Ralphy Nader for taking away votes rather than improprieties at polling places?  The Daily Show treated this as more of a skit than anything.

Neither of these two were worth a damn (!), but the fact remains that both major parties are wedded to the two-party system since it protects their power.  And when you’re left between a rock and a hard place, their shortcomings and failings are never more apparent.  But you’re still left with nowhere else to go- the strategy Dems tend to count upon- and in this case their plan failed miserably.

This is largely the Third Parties own fault.  I never see Third Parties anywhere except on the fringe, and when they do emerge out from under their rocks you see what we get.  And those with platforms you might want to entertain- Green Party, Socialist, Libertarian, Constitution, etc-  are constantly either ignored by mass media or fail to build any support in or make any impact on communities.

So no- thanks to the DNC themselves even the illusion of choice was absent.  I didn’t give a fuck and I wrote in for Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren because I didn’t care who won.  To openly sabotage their own party’s primaries, to rub everyone’s noses in how much their choices DIDN’T matter because they were going to give us the candidate THEY wanted to have- Democrats didn’t deserve to win this election.

Whatever you think of the Republican Party, you have to admit one thing: they respected the will of their constituents.  Despite their own misgivings and public denouncements of Trump, they never tried to openly sabotage and undermine his campaign.  Their voters chose him and they abided by that decision.

This is reflected in exit poll surveys.  Granted the samplings are very small, but the percentages along race, gender, education and age are pretty striking.  Basically, White voters, including 18-29 Millenials, across the board- including Independents (mostly Men)- with some or no college education and making over $50k voted for Trump.  So anyone who’s on Twitter, etc, all upset about Trump winning, look to your friends.  Simple as that.





Democrats have been so wedded to the idea of bringing America its first female president via Hillary, they wantonly ignored the salient fact that their own voters didn’t want her.

Even when Obama came from nowhere and blew her out the water, it was deemed an acceptable loss because she could still align herself with him and Democrats could crow about bringing America the first black president… which would hopefully pave the way for the first woman to take the office.

This only underscored how until this round Hillary was never able to carry a nomination on her own, and she only did so amidst a storm of controversy and accusations of impropriety- from within her own party, no less.  That ain’t a good sign, especially when your political career is already littered with a stream of previous accusations.  Even though all charges and accusations against her had been dismissed after ‘thorough investigations’, you know when you see enough smoke it’s because there’s a fire somewhere.  And folks already looking sideways at you for all your previous bullshit aren’t going to want to keep hearing about more of it.

The only good thing to come from all this is that Hillary’s done- regardless of what you think or how you feel about her, we won’t have to deal with her anymore.  Democrats will hopefully have learned a few lessons from this debacle now that they actually have to find a viable candidate now, one people across the board will want to support.

When that’s the best and most accurate summary about a elected official, let alone the Leader of the Free World, you’ve got some serious problems.  We all do.  Because I really want to hear an explanation how anyone could be voted into office despite the endless stream of venom, garbage and nonsense coming from a candidate.  Yet it somehow seemed to suit his supporters just fine.

One thing I’ll say- we’re the first country that both elected a Reality TV star and had the future First Lady show off her fake tits.


I might actually still have that issue lying around somewhere…