Thoral & Brad eventually end up in the elven kingdom of Windendale, which the elves themselves call Creekenvalley. Full of alabaster towers, wind chimes, door harps, rainbows, waterfalls- all the usual shit.


Elfrond, the king, was pleased to see them- after all they’d rescued his daughter from that evil sorcerer in the Godforsaken Swamp. The princess remains quite taken with Thoral; she even wears amethyst earrings cut into miniature figurines of his likeness.


Anyways, Elfrond admits there’s some sort of evil presence out there that’s killing his people… and we’re out the door.


After two weeks of searching our intrepid heroes end up in yet another festering swampland with a black tower surrounded by the bones of elves looming over things. 


And then, this happens:






Turns out the evil sorcerer, Necrogrond, has returned- this time with his head nailed onto the body of a gorilla with elephant trunks for arms and wielding a magical hammer.  There’s also some bailing wire helping to hold it in place.  The Bad Religion gave Necrogrond the Pudding of Eternal Life so he could help them get rid of all the elves.  It’s all part of a much bigger plan- there’s lots of moving parts and the whole thing is really complicated…


After an epic battle involving lots of bodily fluids being sprayed about and body parts flying around, Thorgal defeats him.  The whole tower dissolves away and he’s left standing in the midst of the swamp just as the elves come riding up on unicorns. 

King Elfrod is glad he’s ok- nevermind how his daughter reacts (and btw, we still don’t have a name for her yet).  Elfrod tells Thoral that there’s more evil out there and despite the Princess-Who-Has-Not-Been-Named objecting to his going off alone, he and Brad set off to continue their quest.


Getting a real kick out of this so far.  🙂



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