Rosana, Pietro and Enzo come to grips with their situation.  Pietro still won’t tell Enzo he can fly, even though Rosana brought it up.


Back to Fairyland Three Years Ago: the Seven Dwarves are unsure what to do about their roommate, Hansel. and his mirror.  One of them, Wayde, tells how Hansel even struck him.  But as Hansel ‘owns’ the mine and they know he’s still stressing out about his sister, they’re not sure what to do.


Now we go back to Fairyland Twenty Five Years Ago:  Being the tweens that they are, Pinocchio, Alice and Peter make their way to the Ivory Queen’s castle- scared shitless but still determined.  Peter flies ahead while Alice and Pinocchio keep to the path.  Except it’s not a path under their feet- it’s a hundred foot long snake.


Peter’s shadow, has a mind of its own, and flies off to see Wendy, so he’s got no choice but to follow.  They make up; he tells her about their daring plan to become grown-ups and his shadow flies off again- presumably back to Pin & Alice.  Peter decides to stay with Wendy a bit longer.



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