Cut back to Fairyland three years ago. Hansel snows the dwarves on his owning the mine, but it appears the boys have a few secrets of their own about what’s down there. There’s a passage none of them have dared to explore yet- Bellamy swore them to secrecy about- and Hansel thinks this might be just the clue he needs.


Hansel explores the passage and finds a hidden chamber, clearly placed there by someone.  Centered in the room is a pedastal with a chest resting atop it, the words “Property of the Ivory Queen” etched into the base.  As he approaches, Hansel hears a female voice- it’s Violet, Bellamy’s daughter and de facto queen of Fairyland, and the one who told him Gretel was missing.  After the usual cryptic warnings about impending darkness and evil, Violet gifts him with a sword etched with chinese characters (!), then leaves him to face what’s to come.  Hansel’s confused (and so am I); he hears Gretel’s voice calling for help.  He runs to the chest, but it’s not Gretel that comes out- it’s the witch they burned together so many years ago- is she real or a manifestation of his deepest fears brought on by evil magic?  As they fight the chest rattles and Gretel keeps calling out.  Hansel severs the lock but the witch casts a magical fire in the room and Hansel passes out.


Whatever.  Ain’t impressed so far.

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