Pino is sending his son, Crescenzo, out with Peter on his mission, claiming it’s just a summer trip to NYC. They haven’t told anyone, including their own children, who they are (and what kind of story would this be if they did?). Pino gives his son some of his figurines to take with him as keepsakes.


Cut to NYC where a young girl, Rosana. is searching the subways for a clue as to her missing mother, Alicia Trujillo. Rosana recalls the day her mom disappeared; she had an encounter with a man she claimed to know- Wayland- whom it turns out strongly resembles one of figurines Pino gave to his son. They disappear together when Rosana gets distracted and when she talks to the police we learn Alicia’s real name is… Alice.


Peter/Pietro contemplates what’s about to happen.  That Crescenzo will realize they’re actually looking for his mom.  He looks at one of Pino’s figurines, which looks remarkably like Alice, yet different.  How’s that possible?  Too bad one of the conditions of being in this New World meant they couldn’t reveal themselves unless absolutely necessary- which might happen real soon.



I’ll presume the reason for that arbitrary rule will be explained at some point.  Otherwise, it’s still all exposition so far.  Chapters are short, making for fast reading.


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