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I don’t need a phone to do everything for me or live my life through-  I just need to make calls, send texts, take some pics, listen to some music and run a few apps.  Which also means I don’t spend $100 a month on a data plan- I go monthly.  So when I saw a brand new high end already unlocked phone that promised to do all of this and more, I was happy to try it out.

So far, so good.  In fact, it’s been great.  Please note: this is Amazon Ad-Free version that I pre-ordered and is no longer available on Amazon.

First off, I didn’t know Motorola was partnered with Lenovo.  Thanks to my tablet I was already familiar with Lenovo’s interface, and it wasn’t something I looked forward to on a phone.  Lenovo’s design makes you scroll through every app you’ve opened to manually close them even after you’ve exited them- twice the work for nothing, though I suspect this has something to do with data mining.

It also makes it harder to delete/disable apps you don’t want.   I’d inadvertently activated Google Now and spent five minutes digging around to find out how to turn it off.  Why?- because that option wasn’t readily accessible.  Typically Lenovo.

The phone looks great; the 5.5 inch screen itself is larger than my previous phone- Samsung G3.  Graphics are clear, colors are bright and the resolution sharp.  Screen is reactive and responds well thanks to a pretty powerful processor and RAM- 2 ghz of RAM on an phone!  I admit to being behind on technology, but that’s pretty impressive.

Activation was a piece of cake; it comes with both  micro and nano SIM card slots as well as a mount for the nano card, so all you need to do is swap them out and you’re ready to go.   Since I’d pre-ordered it I was able to get the Ad-free version, and I’m glad it did.  Wasn’t looking forward to spending half the day trying to disable all that stuff.

Installing apps was a breeze; less than 20 minutes and I was all set.  Like I said, I don’t need a lot of stuff on my phone- I don’t play any games, only music and some videos.


Pretty much all I need to do.

Transferring music/data is as easy as you’d expect and sounds fine, but the default music player (Google, of course) has no equalizer.  The built-in FM Radio app is cool, but reception’s been spotty in my area so far.  And I don’t mind the single speaker; that’s what headphones are for.

Calls sound clear as a bell, but as always, this depends upon your carrier.  I have a monthly plan with T-Mobile and haven’t had any issues so far.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this phone, especially at the $200 list price.  If, like me, all you need is something to help you stay in contact and play around with a little, this’ll more than do for you.

4/5 stars.