Ingary is a harsh land. Cursed by a perpetual winter, the isolated little town has all but forget why they worship the wolf.

Marked by magic she cannot control, Marishka is an outcast. Alone and starving she is plagued by geiste, the unconscious minds of the people of Ingary, roaming the wilderness as they sleep. Attracted to the gramarye in Marishka’s blood, the geiste give her no rest. Losing herself to madness, she is saved when she chances to fall in love. But when her affair is discovered, all hope is taken from her.

Beaten and lovelorn, she resigns herself to death.

And then the wolf walks through her door, and Marishka recalls the meaning of Bleizgeist—the spirit of the wolf.




I’d been wanting to read this one for sometime (fantastic cover, right?) and finally got to it last night…


This is one of the few books that I’ll have to re-read because so much of it didn’t sit well with me.  It’s not long- 180 pages or so- and there’s some good ideas in it, but so much left me confused as to the magic and well, misandry- especially in one particular sequence in the climax. 


I’m not sorry I read it, but it kinda put me off.  And that’s saying something.

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