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(reblogged from Rachel Ritchey)

SPlatformso, a couple-few questions arose in response to the How Not to Get Overwhelmed: Picking Your Publishing Platforms.

I didn’t want to skim on the answers so figured I’d do a Q&A post in response to the various comments and questions.

How do you use the Createspace interior template?

The interior templates on Createspace are useful if you know which size you would like.

  • For instance, I use 5.25″ x  8″ for my paperbacks.
  • I download the guided/Formatted Template as opposed to the Basic because it makes it possible for me to reverse-engineer the varied nuances of proper book formatting.
  • By using the formatted template, I was able to learn how to leave the first page of every chapter blank of a header and remove page numbers from the front matter of the book.
    • Both of these things are important to accomplish a professionally styled book.
  • It also gives you a good idea about appropriate font size and spacing.
    • For me, I use size 10 Palantino Linotype with a 1.15 spacing between lines.

You mentioned maybe posting some walk-throughs. I’d love a walk-through of IngramSpark.

Yes, yes I did! And so I will put together something helpful, but this will take some extra time that I don’t have at this moment, so I’ll figure out the easiest way to do that and give you a walk-through of both IngramSpark and Createspace . . . probably Smashwords too.

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