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As part of my Guest blog series for authors and fellow bloggers I am proud to present another guest blog spot. Richard Lee Byers one of the great authors of the new heroic fantasy anthology Champions of Aetaltis has been kind enough to write a guest blog post for MightyThorJRS today. I am very excited and I would like to thank Richard for the opportunity to host this Guest Blog. 


Champions of Aetaltis  is out NOW! So go grab a copy!


by Richard Lee Byers


Champions of Aetaltis is the first anthology of fantasy stories set in the spanking new world of Aetaltis (you probably inferred that.) Edited by Marc Tassin, creator of the setting, and John Helfers, anthologist extraordinaire, it features all-new yarns by terrific writers like Ed Greenwood, Erin M. Evans, Lucy A. Snyder, Jean Rabe, and Cat Rambo. You also get a little something from me.

Over the years, I’ve contributed fiction to a good many shared universes including the Forgotten Realms, the Scarred Lands, and the World of Darkness. Gradually I’ve groped my way to a fairly systematic approach for conceiving that first story in a new setting with a minimum of anguish, and here it is:

Step One is to familiarize yourself with the setting. Of course, if it’s been around for a while, you may know it already, but then again, you may not. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and few of us have sampled it all. If it’s a new world like Aetaltis, you will obviously have to take a gander at the source material.

Now, some decades-old established universes have tons of source material, and you would rightly cringe from the prospect of reviewing it all just to bang out one short story. Fortunately, you don’t have to. At this stage of the process, you only have to check out the core material that serves up the Big Picture of what’s going on in the universe.

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