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harriet tubman wanted poster“I can honestly say that I’ve been waiting for this book for years…This book imagines Harriet Tubman as a superhero of sorts, in a world where she and other “Gifted” fight for good or evil. What starts out as a simple kidnapping case evolves into a sinister threat against the country–and that’s as far as I can go without any spoilers! Something like 90% of steampunk fiction takes place in Victorian era England, but moving the action to post-Civil War America makes the story fresh for that reason alone. In keeping with our country’s rebellious spirit, every character has a strong personality that leaps off the page. There’s a lot of rough and tumble action with fight scenes ripped out of a kung-fu movie. The pulp fiction sensibility keeps you turning pages and screams for a film adaptation (after “Django Unchained”, I’m looking at you, Quentin Tarantino!) Best of all? I never could have predicted all of the twists and turns in the plot…I plan to explore more of Mr. Ojetade’s work and recommend that you do as well.”

“Enjoyed the mixture of history, fantasy and steamfunk. Looking forward to more adventures.”

“I loved these two books for the speed of the storytelling and the overall tension they built as they ‘steamed’ along. Who would have thought to have the legendary Harriet Tubman, known for her work on the ‘Underground Railroad’, become a super heroine?”

“These books were fantastic, never once letting my mind wander. My hat off to the author, Balogun Ojetade for a great couple of books. I’ll be back in his corner for more!”

“Move over Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter because Harriet Tubman just came to town!”

“Balogun combines so many genres into this novel that it makes your head spin, but like a good gumbo it’s all about the roux.”

“I can tell he did homework about Post Civil War 1800’s. Nor did he forsake plot for zany action. He took on important historical characters and breathes new life into them. This is alternative historical fiction at its best. Throughout the novel, you will encounter many people that will have you running to Google to discover their history. You will also encounter tall tale-ish folk that deserve their own novellas.”

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