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A few weeks ago I had a bit of a blip in the stats. Both visitors and views went up to several times the usual numbers. I was curious, especially as there hadn’t been anything of exceptional note published that day. The normal haiku, a couple of reblogs, and a couple of posts that were relatively lightweight. Nothing that might have been able to explain the hike in the figures.

There were no more ‘likes’ per post than usual… it seemed odd and, though not at all ungrateful for the extra traffic, the blue spike in the graph sort of bugged me. It reminded of that universally recognised digital taunt… the middle finger.

Was it telling me that I should stick to lightweight stuff if I wanted these kind of figures? That fluff is preferred over substance? I know that simple posts, easy on eye and mind get more of those ‘this-is-so-safe-I don’t-even-need-to-read-it’ clicks from strangers to the blog via the Reader, but regular readers seem happy to delve into deeper stuff, share my days, my dog and my odder thoughts. I’m not about to change how I write for the stats… and if I cared that much about them I’d be blogging for all the wrong reasons. The whole point of a blog, for me, is what I can write, the people who read it and the interaction with people, not numbers.

Even so, the presence of that middle finger bugged me, so I dug around and traced the extra views back to the fact that someone had shared a post StumbleUpon…which would be probably be why the ‘likes’ and comments hadn’t gone silly too.

Mystery solved, I was really glad I had reinstalled StumbleUpon after it had gone missing form the sharing buttons during an update. A bit of further digging revealed that there had been over 2000 referrals from StumbleUpon over the past year… so it had been well worth doing.

1.If you want to reinstate the StumbleUpon button, Chris the Story Reading Ape pointed to an article by Michael A Rios telling you how, while Michael himself refers to an more in-depth article by Sue Coletta. Click the highlighted links to find out how.

2. Michael illustrates how to reinstate the button via the Classic Editor. It can still be accessed. On my own blog (a WordPress.com site) and on the desktop PC it is as simple as hovering over the ‘My Sites’ top left of the screen, then clicking WP Admin in the dropdown. It doesn’t always work for everyone, but Marcia Meara at The Write Stuff shares her experience. You can also access it through the ‘Site Admin’ on the Meta on the home page of your blog.


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