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Firstly, I’d like to apologize for my absence.  Been working three jobs and been sick as a dog the last few weeks as well.  But I’m feeling a lot better now and some topics simply won’t go away.

Honestly, I’d been thinking about letting this feature slide and fade away into oblivion.  It was a bit tedious and I’d thought with the spectacular failure of her infamous internet petition, it would all die a quiet death and we’d all go back to our lives.  But Anne Rice won’t let it.  Whether from egoism, megalomania or plain ol’ old age spite, she can’t seem to let this farce of an issue about Amazon & Goodreads reviewers vs authors go.  And she most certainly doesn’t want anyone seeing any contradictory (read: factual) information about it on her FB page, especially when it comes from other authors.

“Actually, I’M the one who can’t handle it… because it’s incompatible with my delusions of grandeur and self-importance. Plus I’d look like a complete fool at this point.  Ready for my closeup, CB!”

Last week Rice improved upon her Nora Desmond impression by fanning the flames on FB by linking to a recently added yet outdated post from Stop the Goodreads Bullies about a person who’d “carpet bombed” a bunch of authors with 1-star reviews, chiming in her support against yet another gangster thug careerist reviewer (sic).  It’s outdated because if you look at the dates on the shelves they’re from Sept 2013.  Nenia Campbell, as STGRB gleefully admits, did make the shelves in a fit of pique over the situation on GR last fall, but they fail to inform that she’d since deleted them. What Rice and STGRB completely gloss over in the hopes you won’t notice (though Rice is simply clueless about it) is the fact that Campbell is herself an author.

In full disclosure I’m well acquainted with Nenia Campbell on both Amazon and Goodreads.  We’re members of a couple of discussion groups and I consider her an online friend.

Rice, true to her self-appointed role as a champion of free speech and discourse, was once again quick to first downplay then delete any dissenting references or uncomfortable questions from posters.  Thankfully, one quick-thinking soul was on the spot to screencap it all before it disappeared (Shout out to KarlynP for her computer skilz!)

A sample of what Anne Rice doesn’t like to hear.

What really made things egregious and unconscionable was when Jenny Trout, an author of some renown whom some of you may be familiar with, stopped by to try and clear up a few misconceptions about the authors/reviewers issue as she saw it, and try to reason with Rice regarding her new favorite site (Raise your hand if you can see it coming).  Not only did Rice label the Dear Author blogpost Trout linked to as ‘dense and confusing’ (!), she also dismissed it as gossip and cited STGRB as being clear and substantive.  Then she inferred Trout was herself a gangster bully before erasing her from the page.  You can see it all here on Trout’s blog, because it’s not on Rice’s FB page anymore.

Speaking of clear and substantive, a summation of the whole thing is presented here on elfswood, including a few direct questions from other posters and yet another striking comparison between Rice and STGRB.  Nice to see others noticing these similarities between the two.

To end on a high note, I’d like to thank Rice for her evasive yet obvious acknowledgment of my presence.  In one her classic wall-of-text-rants she refers to “One notorious gangster has written eight different one star reviews of eight different books by Laurel K. Hamilton. There is no way a legitimate customer or reader would be stupid enough to buy eight books by an author who disappoints.”  Aside from the attempted insult I got a good laugh out of it, mainly because this isn’t the first time someone’s accused me of this and they’ve all made the same mistake- and their arguments weren’t too coherent, either.  I’ve only reviewed SIX books by Hamilton- five Anita Blake and one Merry Gentry.  For all her love for Amazon she’s failed to notice that they cross-post reviews over different formats: so if you review a hardcover book, it’ll also appear for the paperback version when it comes out.  Guess that one guy was right- her reading comprehension really does suck.  So, thanks for showing me some love, Annie, and you can best believe I’ll continue to be a thorn in your side.  It’s all you deserve.

“And the award for Best Notorious Gangster Thug Careerist Bully Reviewer goes to…”