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The swell of BBA activity behind the idea that someone has the nerve to not like their books is starting to look like a tidal wave bordering upon ELE.  One of the reasons for this is the that other  SPAs (self-published authors) and even traditionally published ones don’t seem to be speaking up against this behavior.  It’s the idea of policing yourselves, and the lack of other authors calling out their comrades to check this behavior is what’s acerbating the issues.  Peer pressure would go a long way here.  So to that end, here’s a few shining examples of authors who should check themselves before they wreck themselves, and some of their comrades who’ve told them so.

Thank you, John Scalzi.

(Thanks to Debbie’s Spurts over on Booklikes for the links)

Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, And So Should You– by John Scalzi.

Taking the “Bull” out of Book Review “Bullying”

You Know You’re a Bully When… (blogpost in support of Rice, but read the comments)

An Author Petitions Jeff Bezos to remove a 3-Star Review. (see comment about authors threatening to go elsewhere).

Indie Authors say ‘No’ to Anne Rice’s Crusade (wonder why this one doesn’t get any play?)