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Last Saturday I experienced something.  Something that took me completely by surprise, but on reflection it really shouldn’t have.  Should’ve expected it long before now.

The club I was working at booked one of the most… unusual events I’d ever witnessed.  When we walked in and saw the wrestling ring set up in the middle of the club with all the mock mini-buildings and structures strewn all over the place, we all had one of those WTF moments.  Then we found out what it was for.

Kaiju Big Battel.

Ohhh, no… there goes Tokyo…

What is this, you ask?  I still haven’t quite figured it out m’self, but I’ll do my best to ‘splain.  Take your favorite Toho Studios concepts (if I have to explain that, stop reading and go on to something else right now), some Power Rangers shite, a huge dose of WWE storylines and there ya go!  .  Or try the wikipedia pageOr even better, check out this spare-no-expense expositionary video.  Almost a week later and I’m still shaking my head after watching this stuff

Standing there trying to wrap my brain around it all I couldn’t help but admire the creative genius of it.  This really took some balls to put together.  When you’ve got a hero called Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, you better have some gonads.  And it works- Vince McMahon should really be concerned about this threat to his empire.  :p

Here’s a sample of the madness:

I don’t know what was worse: the fact that I was starting to get into this a little or that some people I knew showed up to see this thing.

I’ll say this- I’m officially a fan of the Iron Brothers.  Their costumes are fuckin’ great!

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