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Saw Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday.

And the whole world has to answer right now, just to tell you once again… WHO’S BAD?!?

It’s not bad- pretty good in some areas, stretches credibility in others- but overall, a solid summer movie.  Be advised: potential spoilers to follow.

In case you didn’t already know, ST:ID is a rehash of the classic story arc from the series regarding Khan Noonien Singh, played by Ricardo Montalban in both the tv episode, Space Seed, and the sequel movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

I won’t divulge too much of the details, but there’s a lot of character growth in this one.  And some new eye candy.

Being a condensed version of the storyline, there’s a great many nods to the originals but with a modern twist, particularly with that movie’s two signature scenes, which was the strongest part of this one.  I say part because they’re combined into one sequence here; if you’ve seen Wrath of Khan, you already know what they are and unlike with the Planet of the Apes remake from a couple years ago, they delivered the goods.   The best thing about this movie for me was the character interaction, especially between Kirk, Spock and Uhura, which also supplies some of the best one-liners.  Even though McCoy was originally Kirk’s cut buddy and part of the Three Amigos, it’s these three that are the heart of the movie and the core of this franchise.

The action scenes are kinda predictable, and a little boring to be honest.  The trailers showed all kinds of jumping, leaping, running, flailing, etc, and you could tell when it was coming.  All they served to do was extend the running time, and could’ve been cut down by a half and still worked.

What surprised me was the introduction of the Klingons.  Since I’d avoided any advance buzz about the movie, I had a mixed reaction to their presence, which was minimal but impacted the storyline.  Their look is different from the last tv shows- though it still looks like they keep casting black men for the roles- but that was a wicked looking bat’leth one of ’em sported.  And yeah- no doubt it’ll be all about them in the next movie.

Nope, not even touching this one.

What really bothered me were the gaping plot holes.  An undetermined amount of time has passed since the first flick, and there’s been plenty of developments since then, but no real effort is made to bring the audience up to speed on them.  A lot of things work on supposition, assuming that the audience is familiar with the plot and backstories.  A pro like J.J. Abrams knows better than that.  Also there are things that get tossed in that you’d figure would have serious ramifications on future storylines- like Red Matter from the first one- but since these are movies and not tv, maybe he figures he can get away with it.

Overall, it’s a decent flick with some nice moments, but once the fridge logic kicks in, it comes down a couple notches.

In superhero news, there’s some talk about a standalone Hulk movie and introducing Dr. Strange in the next phase of Marvel Movies.

I’d buy that for a dollar!

Robert Downey, Jr. talks Iron Man 4 and some other things.

And the big one: Joss Whedon confirms Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch for Avengers 2!  (links courtesy of Collider.com)

That’s all for now.  Got a Killers show to work tonight.  See ya.