Book Blitz: The Secret King: Lethao by Dawn Chapman


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Kendro, King of the Aonise, can do nothing to prevent their sun from collapsing, consuming their home planet Letháo in a single fiery blast. Running out of time and options, he evacuates the entire population, setting off into the unknown galaxy in four crowded ships. Under constant danger from their ancient enemy, the Zefron, treasonous dissent seeps into his inner circle. Threatened inside and out, Kendro struggles with who to trust, until a mysterious vision finally brings hope to the distraught King. A new home awaits the Aonise, if Kendro can only unite them long enough to survive the journey.

Excerpt: Ch 1 – Evacuation

Blue banners waved the royal colour, filling Kendro with more hope than he’d ever imagined possible under the circumstances. Smiles adorned his subjects’ faces. A cheer rang out. Pointing their cameras and microphones towards him, with a nod the news troop gave him the go ahead.

Taking a deep breath, Kendro spoke loud and clear into the microphone. “I acknowledge every citizen, not just those assigned to a House. Our evacuation is steady. Each of you will be assigned a ship number. The evacuation procedure will be as follows.” He peered from the sheet he carried to his people. Many more shoulders here were covered. Only the Military and Government caste wore an arm or leg bare to show house birthmarks. “It does not correspond with any House or any class. You will board the ship you are assigned. I implore you to stay calm.” At that, the hum began. “These orders take effect immediately.”

As Kendro completed his closing statement, Madrall, leader of House Flikait, caught his eye. Madrall bowed his very dark head once, his striking birthmark flickered his colour of yellow against his much darker Flikait skin, and at this point, a deep gesture of loyalty. Kendro watched as several hands shot into the air. He appealed to them, “This is a testing time for all of us. We must survive until we find a new home.” Deception kept at bay—they need not know we have not a plan.

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Dawn Chapman has been creating sci fi and fantasy stories for thirty years. Until 2005 when her life and attention turned to scripts, and she started work on The Secret King, a 13 episode Sci Fi TV series, with great passion for this medium.

In 2010, Dawn returned to her first love of prose. She’s been working with coach EJ Runyon who’s encouraged her away from fast paced script writing, to revel in the world of TSK and Letháo as an epic prose space journey.

She’s had success with a web series, co-written with ‘Melvin Johnson’, produced by Nandar Entertainment, and a short film Irobe, also co-written. This year her experience of working with Producers/Directors from the US and AUS has expanded. From Drama, Sci Fi to Action, Dawn’s built a portfolio of writing, consulting and publishing.

Find Dawn: Website / FB / Twitter / Blog / TSK Productions

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Super Middle Grade Monday: Spotlight on Michael Gibney, author of The Brotherhood & The Shield


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Welcome to this week’s Super Middle Grade Mondays
presented by Tantrum Books/Month9books!

Today, we get up close and personal with

Michael Gibney

author of The Three Thorns (The Brotherhood and the Shield #1)
from Tantrum Books.

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Michael Gibney


Michael Gibney began working in restaurants at the age of sixteen and assumed his first sous chef position at twenty-two. He ascended to executive sous chef at Tavern on the Green, where he managed an eighty-person staff. He has worked in the kitchens of Morgans Hotel Group, 10 Downing in Manhattan, and Governor in Brooklyn’s DUMBO, among many others. Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to work alongside cooks and chefs from many of the nation’s best restaurants, including Alinea, Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Bouley, Ducasse, Corton, wd~50, and Momofuku.

In addition to his experience in the food service industry, Gibney also holds a BFA in painting from Pratt Institute and an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Connect with the Author: Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Would You Rather With Michael Gibney

Would you rather never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind?

Everything that is on my mind. I value honesty and the power of words, both written and audible. It’s not in my nature to stay silent, especially concerning injustice i.e. Animal Cruelty, etc.

Would you rather be able to read or be able to read minds (but be illiterate)?

I can do both. Haha. Read. I’d find reading people’s minds an invasion of their privacy, unless it was to help them.

Would you rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?

Be the best in the world at something. Reason being I love the fact that learning another language is a feeling of achievement and an exciting challenge. I wouldn’t want that challenge made easy.

Would you rather read only one book over and over for the rest of your life or read as many as you want but never remember what they’re about?

Oh, tough one. Well, if you can’t remember there’s not much point. Seems like a waste of time and effort for nothing, so I’d go for reading one book and that would be J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (aka Peter and Wendy). The best fantasy book ever written in my opinion. So simple but yet such Genius.

Would you rather only the first page of a book or the last page?

Last Page. I always have to find out how a story ends.

Would you rather read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Five books a week if I could and had the time. Knowledge is power.

Would you rather read only one genre forever or never read the same genre more than once?

One genre forever because you’d quickly run out of genres, right? And there’s plenty of amazing books and various sub-genres to be found in the Sci-Fi and Horror genre. Not so much in the romance genre.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

Invisible. Would be so much fun but not if it’s like the Predator or Hollowman/The Invisible Man. That would suck.

Would you rather never use the internet again or never watch TV again?

Never watch TV again. There’s too much sad news and superficial reality shows on TV these days and not to mention a cluster of commercials. Yes, give me the Internet, so I can watch the art, music, movies I want and keep in contact with those I love around the world. Much better than a one way street of TV.

Would you rather have one wish granted today or three granted in 10 years?

Definitely one wish granted today. Life is unpredictable and short. We’re not guaranteed anything. Also, I hate waiting. Patience is a virtue. Possess it if you can. Seldom in a woman, but never in a man.

Would you rather know it all or have it all?

Have it all. I’m a deep enough thinker and have a strong enough imagination as it is and that can be quite exhausting. So, knowing it all would drive me crazy. Plus, one would be viewed as pretentious and arrogant if they had the ability to know it all. And both are not good attributes. =)



Three brothers born to a once powerful King were abandoned at birth and cast out into the old world as orphans – alone and unaware of the other’s existence or their royal heritage.

In the new world, by order of the false King, three of the most lethal assassins are sent to kill the children before they come of age and avenge their father’s throne.

But when the brothers find one another, Benjamin, Tommy and Sebastian must resist the temptation of magic and power if they are to defeat the unspeakable evil that has threatened them since birth.

The Three Thorns is book one in an exciting children’s fantasy series called The Brotherhood and the Shield from debut author Michael Gibney.

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Authors We Like: Sue Knott, Parody Enthusiast


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Today’s author is Sue Knott, author of a few pretty funny parodies of wildy successful novels… like there’s any other kind.  Sue and I got to be internet buddies after I reviewed one of her books (see below), which turned out to be pretty damned funny!  She’s a sweet lady with a wicked sense of humor- as you’ll soon see.


TwiLITE A Parody by Sue Knott

This parody skewers the best-selling novel about the sparkly undead. Whether you’re a “Twilight” lover or hater, you’ll find TwiLITE totally “amazing” (the word used most frequently in the scores of reviews generated on scribd). The scribd preview garnered a 5-star rating and rave reviews including: “I love Twilight. But I swear I think I almost love this even more.” “This was hilarious!” “boi i luv this book!! amazing”

“TwiLITE A Parody” is a true parody, following Stephenie’s book non-event by non-event, exposing the ridiculous every step of the way. Our stars are Edward Sullen and Bella Swoon, and boy is she clumsy. Edward, of course, has the face that launched 300 pages of gushing prose. (Can we call it prose if it made us want to vomit?) If you haven’t already read “Twilight,” you’ll just say, “Hunh?” after reading this parody. So, go waste valuable hours reading that amazingly light 498-page tome so you can laugh your butt off over “TwiLITE A Parody!” This 4th edition is 25% longer than previous editions. That’s 24.9% more laughs.

Buy Links: Amazon Kindle / Amazon Paperback

Catching On Fire Cover

Catching On Fire by Sue Knott

Visions of a horrific, dystopian future have been tattooed on Rachel’s brain for as long as she can remember. She believes the strange symbols attached to those visions are the key to avoiding that future. When she discovers someone else shares the same visions, she dedicates herself to finding other seers and unlocking the mystery of the symbols. Her quest grows in urgency as the present appears to increasingly resemble the path to the future she fears.

During her quest, Rachel discovers that answers — and love — are elusive. And people are not always as they appear.

Blurring the line between reality and fiction, this novel combines elements of romance, mystery, intrigue, and science in a way that should appeal to a wide variety of readers.

Set in Buffalo, NY, and Tortola, BVI Suitable for mature young adults as well as adult readers.

From Kirkus Reviews: Quirky, paranormal adventure…inventive first novel…provocative thesis…Knott’s sharp comedic sense permeates her writing…imaginative tale peppered with adventurous escapades…

From Goodreads reviews: “One of the best books I have read..I wasn’t able to put it down…I wish I could know what the characters are doing now…” Vivianna

“I don’t think I’ve read anything this unique in a while.” Sage

“I recommend this to any type of reader, no matter what genre of book you tend to enjoy!” Andrea

Buy Links: Amazon Kindle / Amazon Paperback

HUnger Games Gold Wild Smashwords Cover

The H. Unger Games Gone Wild A Parody by Lardyard Hampoon and Sue Knott

Warning: Rude references to breasts and masturbation. (Not that parents who let their kids read books as violent as “The Hunger Games” would care.) Phatness Evermean finds herself volunteering for the Games on Infinite Justice Day (slogan: Sticking It To The Revolting Districts For Infinity) — only to be partnered with Kneader Malarky. (You could almost believe he’s a decent human being, if there was such a thing in PanAm.) Phatness trusts no one except perhaps, her hunting partner, Windy, and her Games stylist, Sinner. (Where would a girl be if she didn’t have a stylist she could trust?)

Kneader turns out to be a boy to die for — but the one person who really needs to understand this, hasn’t got a clue. But that Malarky boy is a clever one. He just may win Phatness’s companionship…one way or another. (Watch out Phatness, you may be outmatched!)

Phatness exudes a busty appeal heretofore unknown to the Capitol District, adding an (ahem) entirely new dimension to the H. Unger Games (named for the persnickety inventor of the Games, Helix Unger). There’s no need for real arrows when cupid’s are so much more accurate and just as deadly.

“The best Hunger Games parody out there… though that’s not saying much,” Effin Ijiot.

And not to be outdone by Kirkus, here’s a few words of my own about it: REVIEW EXCERPTS FROM JOHN GREEN, AMAZON TOP 1000 REVIEWER, VINE™ VOICE: “…this was funny! And I don’t just mean “heh, got in a good one” funny, more like “lol- they nailed it” funny…this is a YA parody there’s no actual shagging going on, but…it’s pretty comical! …some very witty satire here…it’ll put a smile on your face.”

Buy Links: Amazon Kindle / Amazon Paperback

Sue Knott has been writing professionally for more years than she cares to admit. She enjoys writing parodies as they make her laugh while she’s writing. However, she also enjoys writing fiction, especially romance and stories that imagine the future.

Sue is the doting mother of a teen son and the long-suffering wife of an equally long-suffering (but much crankier) husband. She has also been “mom” to a bunny (now deceased) and an extremely energetic Siberian Husky who jumps on her keyboard when she’s busy writing.

She has had a varied and successful career as an advertising copywriter. She has lived in Pittsburgh, PA; NYC; LaCrosse, WI; Scranton, PA; and currently makes her home in upstate NY. Occasionally she tries her hand at stand-up comedy, though she is in complete and total terror whenever she takes the stage.

Sue is an avid gardener and wishes she had time to pursue craft projects or even just to clean her house. Sue has a sweet tooth. She wears a size 9 shoe. She collects art glass. She recycles. She sewed her own wedding gown (big mistake). She revels in the outdoors and longs to be on the beach. She prattles on at the keyboard. She is a safety nutcase. And she loves to Zumba.

Catch Sue on: Facebook / Twitter

Death Vigil (Volume 1)

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Death Vigil Volume 1 (Death Vigil Tp) - Stjepan Sejic, Stjepan Sejic

[I received a copy of this comics through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

This volume gathers issues 1 to 8, and while it’s not necessarily the most original take on the concept (the Reaper as a sort of goth girl + the scythe), I pretty much enjoyed it no matter what. Because, well, let’s be honest: I like goth chicks with scythes. Also I always have a soft spot for necromancy in general. And when it comes to toying with tropes.

I really liked the artwork and colours, although sometimes it was hard to differentiate between characters when their hair weren’t distrinctly black or white, and the author/artist went a bit heavy-handed when it came to cramming a lot of details in a panel. Granted, I read a PDF copy, which didn’t help (especially with panels on two separate pages—I had to change my display). It wasn’t such a big problem in the long run, just at times. Overall, the art grabbed me.

The scenario itself was somewhat simplistic: the Vigil (good guys) vs. the Necromancers (bad guys), complete with mysterious writings in the hands of a semi-crazy scientist/archaelogist bent on transcribing them. Nothing too original, but… it still worked. Sometimes you don’t need uber-original to be happy. There was action, and monsters, and cute monsters (Mia!), and Necromancers (some stupid, some definitely creepy), and puns (cheesy, but I’ve been known to be a much worse punster at times). Bad puns galore and characters dealing in death and horror, yet keeping a sense of humour? Count me in. Necromancers being both badass yet also highly ridiculous in how they always (always: even Sam, one of the main characters, keeps remarking about it) take their shirts off before running to battle? I am a simple being; this kind of stuff amuses me. It may be dumb, but it worked as far as I was concerned, possibly because I was in the mood for it.

Apart from the art and from smiling at the puns and all, what I also liked was the diversity. The people gravitating about Bernadette the Reaper were a family of sorts, all of different backgrounds and age, with strong bonds. A lot of female characters, too, and not the damsel-in-distress type: Marlene saves the day more than once, Grace looks frail yet is everything but, Clara actually gets back on her feet fairly quickly and embraces her power (which is fun, even though at first sight her weapon seems useless) instead of remaining “the typical clueless newbie who needs to learn all the ropes from Big, Burly Senior Male Characater”… That was refreshing.

Speaking of powers, while the scythe, knives and spade+pickaxe combination remain more “classical”, there’s also an interesting gallery here. James is a MMORPG player and his weapon is a deck of cards, which he uses as if he were playing Magic. Clara’s a feather which can do other things than just write. Chiyoko and Vlado can’t speak each other’s language, but their powers work really well together, and they have developed other means of communicating.

I’ll gladly pick the next volume. The subplot revolving around Clara, the mystery around Bernadette’s origins, Sam and his relationships with his tools (and also the hand)… Those make me want to know more.

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Excellent continuation…

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Cable and Deadpool: Split Second #3 - Reilly Brown, Fabian Nicieza

Y’know, this could take place in a room, or a white space, and just be Cable and Deadpool bantering and I’d give it five stars because they are so funny together.   But it’s not just that.  


It’s much, much more.   This is a time travel story that completely ignores the serious questions about time travel.   It uses the paradoxes to further gags, instead.   And while serious looks at how time travel can be abused can be neat, or interesting, or heart shattering – I’m looking at you Kang in Uncanny Inhumans – sometimes time travel gags are just what I needed.   I’m looking at all my other reading now. 


This was a lot of fun.   I’m just sad that this won’t be an ongoing.  I’d read this forever. 

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Few tips for a good looking professional blog

This is a guest contribution by Tara Nair. Read more about her in the author bio below the post. Hello, readers! I am glad to be here to make you aware of some of the facts that we usually neglect while starting on with a blog. I know you become so enthusiastic in the beginning, … Continue reading Few tips for a good looking professional blog →

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Friday Reveal: Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman


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Welcome to this week’s M9B Friday Reveal!

This week, we are revealing the cover for

The Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman

an upcoming Month9Books Title!

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The Requeim Red

Patient Twenty-nine.

A monster roams the halls of Soothing Hills Asylum. Three girls dead. 29 is endowed with the curse…or gift of perception. She hears messages in music, sees lyrics in paintings. And the corn. A lifetime asylum resident, the orchestral corn music is the only constant in her life.

Mason, a new, kind orderly, sees 29 as a woman, not a lunatic. And as his belief in her grows, so does her self- confidence. That perhaps she might escape, might see the outside world.

But the monster has other plans. The missing girl’s share one common thread…each was twenty-nine’s cell mate.

Will she be next?

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Title: The Requiem Red
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Brynn Chapman






Brynn Chapman is published in Historical and Historical Fantasy Romance for adult books. She also writes under R.R. Smythe for Young Adult Historical Fantasy.


She also blogs with the wonderful authors, Grace Burrowes, Hope Ramsay, AlixRickloff and many others at

Connect: Website | @rrsmythe | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest



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Book Blitz: Of Delicate Pieces by A. Lynden Rolland


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Of Delicate Pieces (Of Breakable Things)
By A. Lynden Rolland
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Publisher: Month9books

Settling into her second year of death, Alex is ready to explore her limitless mind in an afterworld that changes each day, but she still isn’t resting in peace.

The ‘gifted’ are humans who see spirits and have the same extraordinary mental powers, though they aren’t considered equals. Centuries ago, Alex’s family led the movement to keep the living and dead separated, but the gifted believe Alex is a reincarnation of their slain civil leader. When they begin to break down the barriers that protect the city, the afterworld becomes dangerous and vulnerable to exposure. The living and dead both want to use Alex for their own gain, but what they don’t realize is that neither side will want her when they find out who she really is.
In the afterworld, nothing stays buried for long.

OF DELICATE PIECES is the follow-up to A. Lynden Rolland’s OF BREAKABLE THINGS.


A captivating debut about the fragility of life, love, and perspective.

When Chase dies tragically, Alex embraces her own mortality. What she didn’t expect was that she’d have to make a choice: forget the years of pain and suffering once and for all, or linger as a spirit and get another chance at life and love.

Alex doesn’t hesitate to choose; she’d follow Chase anywhere. But the spirit world is nothing like she expected, and Alex finds she’s forced to fight for her life once more. For even in a world where secrets are buried much deeper than six feet under, a legacy can continue to haunt you—and in a place this dangerous, no one is resting in peace.

Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | The Book Depository | IndieBound


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A. Lynden Rolland was born and raised in a picturesque town obsessed with boats and blue crabs. She has always been intrigued by the dramatic and the broken, compiling her eccentric tales of tragic characters in a weathered notebook she began to carry in grade school. She is a sports fanatic, a coffee addict, and a lover of Sauvignon Blanc and thunderstorms. When she isn’t hunched behind a laptop at her local bookstore, she can be found chasing her two vivacious children. She resides in Maryland with her husband and young sons.

Connect with her via her: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads| Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

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Book Blitz- Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver by Michele Brouder


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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00027]

Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver by Michele Brouder
Publication Date: September 2015
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance

When seventeen year-old librarian wannabe Claire Daly is dragged kicking, screaming and cursing from everything she loves—her mam, her cozy Irish village and the dreamy boy next door—to take up arms in the battle of good versus evil, she learns the hard way that sometimes you don’t get to choose your own destiny, destiny chooses you.

Claire’s life plan is simple: head off to university to get her degree in library studies, summon up the courage to tell her best friend Chas that she loves him and live happily ever after. She never once entertained the idea that she might possess divine powers, that she might be predestined to battle Hell’s demons, or, to complicate matters further, that another love of many lives past might turn up on her doorstep. But life doesn’t always go as planned, and when a co-worker is viciously attacked by a demon and her own family threatened, Claire must face the truth: she is called to a higher purpose and has no choice but to answer. Claire sets aside her dreams and begins learning how to deal with the Unholy once and for all. Armed with only a crash course in soul saving and her wits, she gears up for the ultimate show down in Hell. But will it be enough?


Buy Links: Amazon / BAM / B&N / TBD


I was born in western New York, the oldest of 5. I’ve loved reading since I was very little. From the age of 9, I’ve wanted to be a writer. In high school, I wrote a lot of angst-ridden civil war dramas ala Gone With The Wind, knowing more about the Battle of the Bull Run than a normal teenager should know. I dabbled in writing after that but didn’t get serious about it until 2006, when I decided that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I’ve had many interesting jobs but my passion has always been writing.
I lived in Ireland from 2006-2013 with my husband and 2 boys. We moved back to the US and settled in Florida briefly (2 years) before returning back to Ireland in August 2015.

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest

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