Book Tour and Review: Faking It by Pam McKenna


Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: BookTrope Publishing

Book Description:

Britt Munro faces seven days of sexual servitude at a swanky Hamptons beach house, being shared by the hottest two men she’s ever met.  It’s either that or prison after she tries to sell millionaire art collector Garrett Harvey a fake nineteenth-century masterpiece she painted herself.  Garrett’s art-expert buddy Jack turns her punishment into a ménage à trois—his reward for spotting the forgery. Garrett and Jack are both inventive, energetic lovers, but only one touches her heart.

Only one makes her yearn for something real, even after she discovers she’s not the only one keeping secrets. Once the week is up, she’ll never see him again.  Months later, her past returns with a vengeance, testing both her courage and the depth of her ex-lover’s feelings.

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Review: Amish Vampires in Space

***Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for a review.***

Despite the title, this is a serious sci-fi/horror story aimed at middle grade/YA readers.  The story is slow to build, alternating POVs between the Amish and the crew of a cargo ship and exploring the personalities and cultures of both, setting up their inevitable clash even in the face of impending doom.  Intentionally or not, Kerry Neitz works in a few pointed characterizations about the Amish way of life- such as while refusing to resort to violence themselves, taking lives in their defense- while not exactly approved of- is met with little to no resistance.  There’s also lots of juxtaposition regarding the unwavering rule of law (Guild bureaucracy and the Amish Ordnung code) vs common sense and doing what’s right.

The plot reminded me of the movie, Lonestar- multilayered and nuanced, but tying everything up at the end.  The setting is straight out of ALIENS: everyone’s trapped on board with beasties of highly questionable origins and heading towards an unsuspecting settlement.  The pseudo-science also works; you can tell that Neitz did his research to set things up to go with some interesting characters, only dragged down by the pot-boiler plot/sub-plot setup.  Could also use a little more editing to tighten up some clunky sentences, but once things get going, you’ll be used to it.

AViS is a solid read with a surprising amout of subtext to it.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Check it out.

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Spotlight: Two in the Afternoon by Cora Cade



Word Count: 26,000

Cover Artist: Lyn Taylor

Book Description: When it comes to hand-to-heart combat, no hold is barred.

Molly Ryan survived one attack, and she’s not about to be a sitting duck for another. With her attacker harassing her from his jail cell, she packs up her life in Chicago, follows her Delta Force brother to North Carolina and gets work in a pub.  Men in uniform are definitely off her menu, but her boss’s friend, Army Ranger Callum Eversman, is one hot hunk she’d like to sample.

Home on a two-week furlough, Cal has agreed to watch over Molly as a favor to fellow Ranger Noah Harper. Accomplishing his mission without her noticing? That’s going to be tough, as any idiot can see their sparks of attraction from a mile away.  Despite her hands-off-military-men policy, Molly is tempted to indulge, just this once, in a no-strings-attached fling. No dating, no kissy face, no hearts involved. But when her past threatens her future, there’s only one man to turn to. The one who’ll risk everything—body, heart, and soul—to protect her.

Available directly from Samhain Publishing and major ebook retailers.

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Author Spotlight and Interview with Kerry Neitz, Author of Amish Vampires in Space

You read that right: Amish Vampires.  In Space.

Uh uh- she ain’t churning my butter…

Word Count: 137,000
Genre: Science Fiction
Content Warning: Minor Violence/Gore
Age Recommendation: 13+

Synopsis: Jebediah has a secret that will change his world forever and send his people into space.  The Amish world of Alabaster calls upon an ancient promise to escape destruction and board a cargo ship bound for the stars.  But they are not the only cargo on board. Some of it’s alive…or used to be.  Now, with vampires taking over and closing in on the Amish refugees, these simple believers must decide whether their faith depends upon their honored traditions or something even older.

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Gay-OK: Cosmopolitan Magazine Publishes Girl-On-Girl Sex Positions In Latest Issue

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Les-be hooooonest….

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Release Event: ‘Every Ugly Word’, ‘Imitation’, ‘Rebel Wing’

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When seventeen-year-old Ashley Watson walks through the halls of her high school bullies taunt and shove her. She can’t go a day without fighting with her mother. And no matter how hard she tries, she can’t make her best friend, Matt, fall in love with her. But Ashley also has something no one else does: a literal glimpse into the future. When Ashley looks into the mirror, she can see her twenty-three-year-old self.

Her older self has been through it all already—she endured the bullying, survived the heartbreak, and heard every ugly word her classmates threw at her. But her older self is also keeping a dark secret: Something terrible is about to happen to Ashley. Something that will change her life forever. Something even her older self is powerless to stop.

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Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me.

Ven wrestles with these…

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Keeping Them Honest: Will a deal in Congress reform the Veterans Affairs health system?

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There is a rare bipartisan agreement in Congress that comes after months of CNN’s reporting on secret wait lists at VA hospitals and veterans dying while waiting for care. A $17 billion deal is aimed at fixing the troubled Veterans Affairs health system. Drew Griffin has been Keeping Them Honest on the problems at the VA, and he breaks down how lawmakers plan to use this money to fix the mess.

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